Training Program

  • National Webinar on International and National Policies and Legislative Provisions for Persons with Disabilities (2021)
  • Technology in Education (2021)
  • Online Professional Development Master Course on ‘Universal Design For Learning’ by Dr Elizabeth M. Dalton & Dr Susie Gronseth (2021)
  • National Webinar Series on Conversation around NEP 2020: The Road Map (2020)
  • Webinar on Irlen Syndrome by Ms Tehnaz Ragi (2020)
  • Webinar on Accessible Reading by Bookshare & DSE SNDT WU (2020)
  • Professional Development Buffet for Professionals (2020)
  • Webinars for Parents Of Children With Special Needs by B.Ed. Special Education ID Year II Trainees (2020)
  • Drama for Inclusion by Prof. Parasuram Ramamoorthi (2020)
  • Sandplay Therapy by Ms Vanashree Ghate (2020)
  • Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) by Dr Aditi Bandhyopadhyay (2020)
  • Teaching Learning Materials by Ms. Darshana Patwa (2020)
  • Drama in Education by Ms. Alba Quadros (2019)
  • Phonemic Awareness and Phonics by Ms. Geeta Dalal (2019)
  • Creative & Innovative Thinking by Ms. Suzanne Rodricks (2019)
  • Crispiani Method by Prof. Crispiani (2019)
  • Short Term Course on Pedagogic Innovations: Challenges and Transformations in Inclusive Higher Education by UGC and SNDT WU sponsored by RUSA (2019)
  • Inclusive Classroom Strategies: 3 P.L.A.Y Breakthru Approach by Ms. Phoebe Long Mei Wah (2019)
  • Teaching Learning Material (TLM) by Ms. Arti Ohri (2019)
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) by Ms. Manjushri Patil (2018)
  • Teaching Learning Material (TLM) by Ms. Darshana Patwa (2018)
  • Qualitative Research by Dr. Rajshri Mahtani (2018)
  • Smart Moves by Ms. Minaz Ajani, Brain Gym Instructor (2018)
  • Constructivist Lesson Planning by Suzanne Rodricks (2018)
  • Creating Rich Learning Environments by Suzanne Rodricks (2018)
  • Promoting Inclusive Classrooms Practices by Prof. Richard Rose, Faculty Northampton University (2017)
Certificate Course
  • Shadow Teaching Certificate Course from November 23-February 29, 2020
  • 3 month series workshop on Holistic Development of a Child from July 6-September 21, 2019
  • Shadow Teaching certificate course from February 16-May 4, 2019
  • Shadow Teaching certificate course from August 4-October 27, 2018
Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) sponsored CRE Programmes
  • Faculty Development Programme on “Research in the Changing Landscape of the Education System in collaboration with Rehabilitation Council of India (2020)
  • National Conference on Addressing Environmental Barriers and Universal Design (2020)
  • National Workshop on Qualitative Research (2019)
  • 1st International Conference on Be the Difference: Equality & Equity in Education (2019)
  • Addressing Barriers in the Environment and Universal Design (2018)
  • Gender and Disability (2017)