Extension Work

Extensive teacher training is done in different parts of the country through National, State and Local Bodies viz:

  • Awareness about special education and its scope in city colleges, Mumbai
  • Aditya Birla World School, Mumbai (training of teachers in UDL)
  • St Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai (training of teachers in higher education in UDL)
  • Prayas Institute for Special Education & Research, Jaipur (workshops for teachers in Rajasthan state in teaching CwSN)
  • DESGN NCERT, Kolkata, Jaipur, New Delhi (workshops for teachers in inclusive pedagogy)
  • NIEPVD, Dehradun (joint conferences and faculty exchange)
  • Bethany Society, Shillong (workshops for teachers in inclusive education)
  • Deepak Foundation, Gujarat (curriculum development and training in inclusive pedagogy for teachers)
  • Army School Southern command, Pune (workshops for teachers in inclusive pedagogy)